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    Wuhan Rentian keeps on the talent concept of "people - oriented". Our company actively creates an atmosphere of respect, understanding, honesty and friendship, respects knowledge and talent to provide a growth platform for talents through selection and development system, making talents a strong support for the sustainable development and realizing the common growth and development.
  • talent development
    talent development
    Educating is the basis of employing. According to the characteristics of different talents, we continuously improved and innovated the talent training system to a wide coverage, multi-user and open one by combining theory with practice. We have gradually established a new talent training mode that conforms to the group-type enterprise.
Installation engineer (reserve s
Term of validity:2018-07-30
Post duties:

1. College degree or above;

2. Major in mechanical, electrical and related fields;

3. Development direction: installation engineer or senior mechanic.

In order to get familiar with the company's products, I am willing to take an internship in the workshop for 6 months.

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