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ProductsCase PackersDKXSIIA Case Packer

The machine is suitable for automatic conveying, stacking, filling, packing and packing of soft bags;? It is to match with the centralized case supply.


  • It has the features of accurate counting, neat arrangement, good appearance and unmanned packing and has obtained many state inventive patent.
  • With perfect monitoring and alarming function, it is better to protect machine and product which is not damaged by accident, also it is convenient for operator to troubleshoot.
  • It also has the functions of auto completing conveying, packing and outputting of case.
  • With high-level automation and flexible packing configuration, it can realize product’s single or double lines arrangement in the carton.



Soft bag

Material Size(L x W x H)

(100~250) x (70~120) x (30~100)mm

CaseSize(L x W x H)

(360~500) x (270~325) x (140~210)mm

Case Type


Packing Configuration

Single line, dual lines (multiplelayers)

Packaging Speed

120 bags/min


Customer Service Hotline 027-87993151

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