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ProductsCase PackersDCXLIA Case Packer

DCXLIA case packer is applicable to pouch bag auto packing production line which demands large capacity and high efficiency. It can complete the functions of material’s auto arranging, auto positioning, auto gripping, auto packing and auto conveying out of case. It has the features of high-level automation, easy operation and steady performance.

  • Accurate count, neat and nice bags, unmanned packing, convenient operation, stable performance and other features with many national invention patents so far
  • PLC control system and touch screen are applied for simple and flexible operation
  • Perfect monitoring and alarm to protect equipments and products from accidental damages and convenient for operators to remove faults quickly
  • Two unique five-bar robots and special grippers to ensure steady and accurate packing of pouch bags
  • Full-automatic conveying, picking, case outputting and other processes
  • Special grippers are applied, suitable for products with heavy surface dust




Pouch bag

Material Size

L190, W120, H35mm


L(400~450), W(300~350), H(145~205)mm

Case Type


Packing Configuration

2 rows x 5 lines x 6 layers

Packaging Speed

≤9 times/min

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