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ProductsCase PackersRGZXC Case Packing Line

RGZXC case packing line is a robot gripping type packing production line which is designed for big diameter cartridge in civil explosive industry. The production line has the features of high-level automation and integration, large capacity, wide application, steady performance, easy maintenance, fast changeover.

  • Adopt special Delta 2 robot and gripper technology, and make sure packing high-efficiently and steadily.
  • The control system uses a high-performance motion controller with fast packing speed and high degree of automation.
  • The use of lightweight aluminum profiles for the production of the connecting rods enables the entire robot to have low inertia and large load capacity.
  • By changing the gripper, case packer can be used in a packing environment for a variety of materials.
  • There is no fixed operator in the whole line, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

Product model


Applicable material

Emulsion explosion big diameter cartridge wrapped by plastic film

Applicable specification

Diameter: φ 60-φ 130mmLength: 330-500mm

Repeatable positioning accuracy for gripping


Gripping speed of robot

Running steadily 12-14 cycles/min, max 16cycles/min (Gripping one layer/per cycle)


No fixed operator, inspector 1 person

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